Public Full Day Swimming Pigs Tour

Visit the famous swimming pigs of Big Major’s Cay, endangered Bahamian Rock Iguanas, the Nurse Sharks at Compass Cay, Snorkel in Thunderball Grotto (Conditions permitting), and island hop and all while stopping at scenic beaches and view points on a 36 ft power boat.

The powerboat used for this tour is designed with you in mind. Enjoy the day in comfort with lots of shade, an on board bathroom and even complimentary WiFi!

We accommodate up to 24 passengers on this tour, per boat.

Tour includes complimentary ice cold beers, rum punch, bottled water and cokes/diet cokes.

The group tour is not appropriate for smaller children, so for the safety and comfort of our guests, we require children under 8 be accommodated on private charters only.

Snorkeling gear is provided.

We require a Visa or MasterCard on file to hold the space, but your card is not charged until you are at the dock.

Please note: DAY-FLIGHTS We request that guests looking to fly into great Exuma from Nassau for the day should book one of our half day experiences, and not the full day tour.

Guests not staying in Great Exuma should contact us before booking.

We are not located near the cruise ports and are unable to accommodate guests on cruises.

The Perfect Adventure

The Exumas' swimming pigs are a delightful attraction, but our happy pigs are only the beginning of what gives Great Exuma its unique and unforgettable charm. Surrounded by sparkling turquoise waters and white sand shores, this Caribbean paradise of secluded islands is a breathtaking sanctuary worthy of exploration. Delightful wildlife and breathtaking scenery provide a variety of options for adventure whether you're looking for serenity or an adrenaline rush.


The island is covered in the cloven hoof prints of swimming pigs who delight in greeting guests on the shore. You can expect a carefree and whimsical adventure if you oblige the pigs in their love of carrots. In the expansive blue coasts, you can enjoy complimentary snorkeling with a rainbow of tropical fish and explore the hidden beauty of secluded caves carved into the island by wind and water erosion. Wild sharks and stingrays frequent the island shores for an exhilarating swim with visitors. Iguanas are also known to pose for photos on island beaches for passers-by with treats and cameras. Don't forget to bring cash for island hopping; it'll come in handy during opportunities to interact with these island friends.


Emerald palms envelop the island, and provide shade and a cool rest from the warmth of the beach. Enjoy drinks in shallow water while you relax and bask in the unmatched serenity of the swaying tree line. You’ll probably recognize the stunning landscapes from blockbuster films – and feel like you’re in a movie yourself! With magnificent sunsets and perfect beach weather, there's nothing quite like the Bahamian weather and scenery as the setting of your own Caribbean getaway.

A Complete Paradise Experience

These warm and iridescent shores of blue and green water have all of the trappings of a one-of-a-kind tropical experience complete with playful and interactive wildlife, perfect water with soft currents for snorkeling, and some of the most unforgettable landscapes in the world. With only a short boat trip between islands, it's easy to see a lot and still have time to unwind at the end of jam-packed day. Whether you're looking for adventure, relaxation, or both, the Exuma has what a vacation in this Bahamian paradise needs.

"Book for the experience of a lifetime!"

TOUR details

Full Day All Inclusive Swimming Pigs Tour to Big Majors Cay, Thunderball Grotto and Compass Cay.

Tour times

8:45am - 4:45pm

What to bring

call/email for more details

  • Public Full Day Swimming Pigs Tour
  • $375
    per person
  • Children $260 per person

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